Nothing compares to real blood on film. It's the only way to really capture the emotion of fear in reality in what the victim is feeling. Tells the story truthfully. This motivation is the key. My actors get only one take. It's a short take.
~ The Director on an interview-like television advertisement for Halloween Horror Nights 13.
The Director will see you now
The Director
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
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Character information
Full name Paulo Ravinski
Other names Paulo, Pavel Pranevsky, and Billy Skorrski.
Personality Psychotic, crazy, evil, sadistic, and brutal.
Appearance Black-headed man with light-blue eyes and a black tuxedo suit.
Occupation Snuff film director
Home A film studio
Relatives Unnamed father
Likes Films depicting true suffer, WWI photographs, and classic Universal monster films.
Dislikes Reality TV, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Lopez.
Powers and abilities
Weapons His camera, film props, and malicious weaponry.

The Director, also known as Paulo Ravinski, is an icon for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, who first appeared at the event during Halloween Horror Nights 13, at the Islands of Adventure from 2003. He is a snuff filmer who loved films featuring true suffer, death, and torture.


Early YearsEdit

Paulo Ravinski was born in Eastern Europe. He started out as a snuff filmer capturing actual human suffering, torture and death on his film camera. A controversial project known as The Widow's Eye, was his first project yet. The film shocked many country population that Paulo was forced out, which is the reason he came to America. His film career began when he picked up his father's camera while only eight years old. He got in trouble for wasting film. He would shoot birds with a BB gun and he would film them flittering, when he saw them falling out of the trees. Some people have found tamer examples of directed by Paulo himself. Films mentioned included films such as Death Procession and The Blood Letting.

Universal OrlandoEdit

Universal Orlando has hired the Director to film his newest horror film at Universal Studios Florida's neighbor-park, the Islands of Adventure. During 2003, he transformed each one of the islands into a terrifying horror flick as a part of his project. He would appear at All-Nite Die-In, his own haunted house, and at Infestation, his own live show which involves Paulo himself with his actors interacting with scorpions, snakes, rats, cockroaches, and other terrifying creatures. Three years later, he along with the icons of 2000, 2002, and 2005, returned to Universal Studios Florida for the event's "Sweet 16". He and the others were also featured at The Arrival, a live show hosted by Darkness.

Universal Studios HollywoodEdit

Paulo has been hired by Universal Studios Hollywood to direct the ultimate horror film. Universal requested that Paulo would submit a short film detailing his project to preview it for their executives before allowing production to begin. However later on, when Universal Studios Hollywood discovered the real torture and death on the short film, they claimed that Paulo's twisted actions were too graphic for film audiences. They cancelled the project for good, and banned Ravinski from ever stepping foot into Universal Studios Hollywood again. However, Paulo took up residence in an abandoned backlot set at the park, demanding revenge on Universal. Aware that Paulo was hiding on the backlot, Universal Studios Hollywood warned visitors that real horror would be delivered from the Director, although they still allowed their annual Halloween event to run in 2006.

Fear RevealedEdit

In 2010, the Director returned to Universal Studios Florida along with the other Sweet 16 icons and the previous year's icon for the event's twentieth anniversary. He and the other four icons were also revealed to be minions of Fear himself. Paulo was given the alias "Sacrifice".

Appearances at Halloween Horror NightsEdit

During October of 2003, the Director was the icon for Halloween Horror Nights 13 and turned every island into a terrifying horror flick for his project. He appeared in the debut year in the show titled Infestation, where he would put insects or arachnids on the victim, while taunting him/her by saying "You'll Never Sleep Again".  He also appeared in his own haunted house, going by the name of All-Nite Die-In. He also appeared as an icon of Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16 back in 2006, and at Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear in 2010 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary. Aside from being an icon, he also appeared in Horror Nights Nightmares, a haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights XIV, and again at Rat Run, a haunted house at the following year, Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror in 2005. He appeared in Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood and at the first year of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore, while gaven two different names. Pavel Pranevsky for Universal Studios Hollywood, and Billy Skorrski at Halloween Horror Nights Singapore.


The Director is sadistic, dangerous, brutal, evil, creepy, and seems to show no remorse for his actions. He seems to enjoy killing and torturing his actors, considering his occupation as a snuff filmer, to which a snuff filmer is a murderer and film director combined. His snuff films were featured to be so frightening and violent, that his films were banned in almost every single country. Law enforcement agencies and film critics both call his work snuff cinema. Paulo prefers his work to be referred to as "art".


They say that film is art. FILM IS NOT JUST ART! Film is power. Film is magic. But most of all, film is a weapon.
~ In the queue video of Halloween Horror Nights Sweet 16's All-Nite Die-In: Take 2 maze.
You know, you are perfect for this part. See how sharp the blade is? You won't even feel it. Now put your head on the block. That's it. Look at the camera. Annnnd.... action.
~ What he says on one of the Halloween Horror Nights 13 radio commercials.
Aaand..action! Scream loud! That's right, louder!
~ Another quote from the Director on a Halloween Horror Nights 13 and Coca-Cola radio commercial.
Are you ready for your finest scene? How's the water? "You Oughta Be in Pictures"! How long can you hold your breath? ANNND..ACTION!!
~ Another Director quote from a HHN radio commercial.
Pain is temporary, film is forever.
~ Another typical quote
You'll never sleep again!
~ Taunting a park guest during a live show called Infestation.
Death is a sacrifice I'm willing to risk in the name of film! For this scene, you'll realize your death is near. So stand by, and get ready to show me your fear. And..ACTION!
~ The Director getting ready to electrocute his victim in a bathtub at The Arrival, a live show from Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16 during 2006.

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