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Background information
Feature films The Lion King
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
The Lion King 1½
Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
Mickey's House of Villains
Television programs Timon and Pumbaa
House of Mouse
A Poem Is...
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Matthew Broderick
Performance model
Inspiration Prince Hamlet
Lord Capulet
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Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Adventurous, brave, stubborn, fun-loving, headstrong, understanding, heroic, protective, clever, dependable, confident, kind-hearted, competitive, strong-willed, forgiving, selfless, affectionate, mischievous (as a cub), guilt-ridden (formerly), arrogant (formerly), strict (formerly), overprotective (formerly), worrisome (formerly), prejudiced (formerly), fatherly, short-tempered, remorseful, sophisticated, insecure, wise, intelligent, gullible
Appearance Slender and muscular lion, gold fur, beige muzzle, underbelly and paws, red mane (as an adult), pink nose, red eyes
Occupation King of Pride Rock
Goal To protect the Pride Lands
Home Pride Rock
Relatives Mufasa † (father)
Sarabi (mother)
Timon and Pumbaa (adoptive fathers)
Scar † (uncle)
Nala (mate)
Kiara (daughter)
Kion (son)
Kovu and [[Baliyo]] (sons-in-law)
Rani (daughter-in-law)
Sarafina (mother-in-law)
Nala's Father † (father-in-law)
Ahadi † (grandfather)
Uru † (grandmother)
Mohatu † (great-grandfather)
Allies Mufasa, Scar (formerly), Nala, Pumbaa, Kion, Timon, Rafiki, Zazu, Sarabi, Sarafina, Pridelanders, Kiara, Ma, Uncle Max, Vitani, Kovu, Outsiders, Tiifu, Bunga, Beshte, Fuli, Ono, Makuu, Bupu, Ma Tembo, Makini, Kongwe, Twiga, King Sokwe, Hadithi, Ajabu, Basi, Dhahabu, Thurston, Jasiri, Anga, Shujaa, Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Nne, Tano, Azaad, Rani, Baliyo
Minions Zazu, Pridelanders
Enemies Scar, Zira, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, Hyena Clan, Nuka, Kovu (formerly), Vitani (formerly), Outsiders (formerly), Reirei, Goigoi, Dogo and his brothers, Reirei’s Pack, Kiburi, Nduli, Tamka, Kiburi’s Float, Outlanders, Sumu, Janja (formerly), Cheezi (formerly), Chungu (formerly), Nne (formerly), Tano (formerly)
Likes Kingship, going on adventures, his father Mufasa, his mother Sarabi, Nala, playing with Nala, his son Kion, his daughter Kiara, having fun, teasing Zazu (formerly), eating bugs, hanging out with Timon and Pumbaa, peace and safety in the Pride Lands, Hakuna Matata, Kiara’s safety, Kion and the Lion Guard protecting the Pride Lands, his family and friends, hot tubs, sleeping
Dislikes The idea of marrying Nala (as a cub), Scar's lies and betrayal, Scar, being treated like a cub, being groomed, upsetting his father, danger, family threats, failure, threats to the kingdom, bad hyenas, his friends and family in danger, Zira, Outsiders (formerly), Nuka, Kovu (formerly), Janja (formerly), Janja's Clan (formerly), Kiburi, Kiburi's Float, Sumu, being stung on his tail by Sumu, jackals, his father's death
Powers and abilities Animalistic strength, speed, stamina, and endurance
Weapons His claws and teeth
Fate Becomes king of Pride Rock
Quote "Danger? Ha, I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger!"

"Sometimes, what's left behind can grow better than the generation before...if given the chance."

I just can't wait to be king!
~ Simba

Simba is the main protagonist of the Lion King series. He is the protagonist of the first film, and a major character in the sequels.