El Macho
Background information
Feature films Despicable Me 2
Television programs
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Benjamin Bratt
Performance model
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Character information
Full name
Other names El Macho
Personality Ruthless, dangerous, macho, and intelligent.
Appearance Obese Mexican man with chest hair, black hair and a beard, and brown eyes.
Occupation Owner of Salsa & Salsa, and a supervillain.
Goal To take over the world with his army of mutated Minions, formerly along with Gru (failed).
Relatives Antonio (son), and an unnamed wife.
Pets Pollito
Enemies Gru, his former minion Dr. Nefario, Margo, Agnes, Edith, and Lucy Wilde.
Likes Dancing, Pollito, his son, and ruling the world.
Dislikes His plans ruined.
Powers and abilities Superhuman strength and intelligence.
Fate Mutates himself with the PX-41 serum, becomes a giant monster, and gets knocked out unconscious by Dr. Nefario's fart gun.

Eduardo Perez, also known as El Macho, is the main antagonist of Despicable Me 2, who is the owner of Salsa & Salsa and secretly a super-villain who was a superhuman-level strong bank robber. He has a son named Antonio who was going to be Margo's love interest, but he apparently broke up with her. He was voiced by actor Benjamin Bratt.


Early YearsEdit

About twenty years ago, Eduardo terrorized Mexico as a supervillain named "El Macho". He was ruthless, dangerous, and as the name implied, he was very macho. One day, El Macho attempted to commit suicide in the most macho way possible, which was riding on a shark while holding two pineapple grenades and 250 pounds of dynamite strapped to his chest. He faked his death and was actually hiding. He has moved to America, married a woman, had a son named Antonio, and became the owner of a restaurant called Salsa & Salsa. His wife is probably dead at some point.

Despicable Me 2Edit

Eduardo is introduced as the owner of a Mexican restaurant called Salsa & Salsa, who came into Bake My Day, another store in the Paradise Mall, greeting Gru and Lucy to the "mall family". He ordered Gru and Lucy to give him cupcakes decorated with the Mexican flag logo for his Cinco de Mayo party. After Eduardo walks out, Gru gasps, and strikingly thought the man as El Macho. Gru told Lucy the story of El Macho, which made Lucy request the order of breaking into Salsa & Salsa during the closing night. Gru agrees, thinking he's the one with the PX-41 serum.

Later on, Eduardo went back to his restaurant at night, and sees his pet chicken Pollito trapped by Anti-Villain League agent Lucy Wilde. He hears her and Gru breaking into his restaurant, and tracks them down. He goes outside of the restaurant, wielding two deadly knives. He finds Lucy Wilde, about to kill her, but is ran over by Gru's minions in Lucy's car.


  • El Macho was originally going to be voiced by Al Pacino, who is famous for the role of Tony Montana from Scarface.
  • El Macho appears as a boss in the IOS game, Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

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