Background information
Feature films
Television programs Dan Vs.
Video games Dan Vs. This Game
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Curtis Armstrong
Performance model
Inspiration Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Dan-Man, Dan the Great, Dr. Jerkface, Little Guy, and Office Monkey.
Personality Abrasive, self-centered, short-tempered, cruel, rude, and judgemental.
Appearance Small and slender man with black hair, eyebrows, shoes, goatee, and shirt that says "JERK", dark jeans, and green eyes.
Birthday October 31, 1975
Occupation None
Goal Depending on the episode.
Home Casa Paradiso
Relatives Unnamed grandmother and parents
Pets Mr. Mumbles (cat)
Allies Chris, Elise (frenemy), and Crunchy (although Dan doesn't consider him a friend).
Minions Mr. Mumbles and Chris.
Enemies Dr. Pullum, Imposter Dan, Barry Ditmer, Chad, Terrifi-Guy, the Boss, Chef Puree, etc.
Likes Mr. Mumbles, vengeance, turkey sandwiches, and his car.
Dislikes Lactose, his car getting damaged, Crunchy, loud noises, crickets, vandalism, and betrayal.
Powers and abilities
Weapons Various weapons to help him out on his revenge plots.

I can't believe how much I hate everything.
~ Dan's first quote on the show.

Dan Mandel, or better known as just Dan, is the villain protagonist/anti-hero of The Hub's animated series Dan Vs. and is also the main antagonist of the show, which is created by Dan Mandel and Chris Pearson. He is an angry and sociopathic man who lives in a messy apartment and will tend to get revenge on anyone and anything who he thinks has wronged him. As his shirt implies, he really is a jerk. He really hates it when his car is damaged and he loves his pet kitten, Mr. Mumbles. He is voiced by Curtis Armstrong. He lives in a messy apartment called Casa Paradiso.


Dan is a very cruel, psychopathic, evil, and antisocial man. He doesn't really care for anyone but himself. Despite this, he has rare nice moments. He loves his cat Mr. Mumbles, his teddy bear Brutus, and his red car. As shown in the episodes Dan Vs. The Animal Shelter, and Dan Vs. Burgerphile, and as mentioned in Dan Vs. Dan*, he is lactose-intolerant, which means he is incapable of eating cheese and drinking milk. He was going to have milk and cookies in Dan Vs. The Ninja, although they were lactose-free. Dan also does not like to be reminded that he's angered nor that he is small in height. He loves vengeance and fire, as his sometimes his meanings to solve his problems is to burn them.


Dan is a diminutive man with messy black bangs and a goatee, green eyes, nasty teeth, dark blue jeans, black shoes, and of course, a black short-sleeve shirt that says "JERK" on it with white-bolded and all-capitalized letters. He is 5"6" and weighs 105 lbs. While he is small in height, he is infuriated when he is reminded of the fact that he is smaller than other people.

Heroic actionsEdit

Although Dan isn't really a heroic character at all, he does have his lighter side in several episodes.

Season 1Edit

  • The Wolfman - Defeated the Wolfman by shooting him in the buttocks with a bow and arrow after the Wolfman scratched his car.
  • The Ninja - Saved Elise from getting killed by the ninja.
  • The Dentist - Stopped Dr. Pullum from taking over the world.
  • The Animal Shelter - Helped Chris get in the hospital by getting rid of another patient and replacing him with Chris, not only that, but he seemed to be very concerned about Chris's well being. He also saved Mr. Mumbles and all the other animals from the animal shelter.
  • The Fancy Resturant - Saved the enslaved workers from Chef Puree.
  • Elise's Parents - Saved Elise's parents from getting killed by the mafia, it's a tad pointless though since the whole thing was his fault.
  • The Beach - Saved Chris from garbage haulers on the trash boat.
  • The Magician - Stopped Magnifico from stealing things anymore and proved him to be fake.
  • The Lemonade Stand Gang - Stopped a thuggish gang of delinquents known as the Lemonade Stand Gang.

Season 2Edit

  • The Gym - Defeated Chad and his henchmen and saved Chris and Elise.
  • The Dinosaur - Showed empathy to a child about his lost dog.
  • The Neighbors - Before the cockroachess came in and ruined their house, he seemed to be genuinely kind towards them.
  • Golf - Helped Elise get Chris back from golf.
  • Chris - He spared Chris's life after defeating him.
  • Wild West Town - Helped a town rise up against a corrupt cop.

Season 3Edit

  • The Boss - Rescued Chris and stopped the Boss.
  • The Family Cruise - He helped the family escape from the cruise instructors jail, again, a tad pointless since it was all his fault in the first place, and he admitted to many of his wrong-doings.
  • Jury Duty - Proved an innocent man on trial to actually be innocent, though; it was a tad short lived since it turned out that Dan was the guilty one all along.
  • The Superhero - Stopped Terrifi-Guy from causing any more damage to the city.
  • Summer Camp - Revealed that he saved Chris and the other kids from the evil scoutmaster and bullies.


Biff WellingtonEdit

Biff Wellington is an alternate personality Dan became in Dan Vs. Dan*, because the Imposter told him to get a new identity. Biff is more of a dog-person, and does not believe in violence. Biff is also much friendlier and has more social skills than Dan does.

Dr. JerkEdit

Dan became Dr. Jerk in the episode Dan Vs. The Superhero, after his failed attempt to become a superhero.

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