Based directly off the Dungeons and Dragons series, the character alignments describe what alignment characters are based on their actions and moralities. There are three categories in two sections: 1.Good, Neutral, and Evil. 2.Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic

Lawful Good (Crusader)Edit

These characters always mean well and do the right things.

Lawful Neutral (Judge)Edit

These characters follow laws and rules, but not always for justice.

Lawful Evil (Dominator)Edit

These characters are still ruthless and are not very sympathetic, but they still want others to obey their rules and commands.

Neutral Good (Benefactor)Edit

These characters can cause trouble, and obey rules, but will still do good things.

True Neutral (Undecided)Edit

Also known as "Neutral Neutral", or simply just "Neutral", these characters aren't really good or evil nor do they obey nor disobey rules.

Neutral Evil (Malefactor)Edit

Some of these villains were revealed to be friendly at first, but have betrayed the heroes later on in the story. and represent all evil, especially liars and greedy people.

Chaotic Good (Rebel)Edit

These characters cause trouble occasionally, but will still fight the good fight.

Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)Edit

These characters do not care about rules at any or most of the time and prefer their own rules.

Chaotic Evil (Destroyer)Edit

This is the worst of all alignments, as these characters are dangerous psychopaths and lunatics who feel very little or no empathy.

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