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Boo is the tritagonist of Disney and Pixar's Monsters, Inc. She is a nauseatingly adorable and unbearably beautiful 2 year old girl who James P. Sullivan caught escaping from her door and traveling to Monstropolis. She is really afraid of the evil Randall Boggs, but before the end of the film, she beats him with a baseball bat. She is voiced by Mary Gibbs. Mary is the name her parents gave her, Gibbs is the family surname, and Boo is actually a nickname given to her by Mike and Sullivan. She has a limited vocabulary of three words, "Boo" (hence the nickname), "Kitty" and Mike Wazowski". Other than those words, she cannot talk, instead speaking in baby gibberish, and she can't even say her name, Mary. However, she can write her name, she draws very well, and is in potty training. One of her toys include Jessie from the Toy Story franchise and Nemo from Finding Nemo, which are also done by Pixar.

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